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RSS Feed for Let’s start again… Comments RSS Feed

Thanks, this is awesome!

you are welcome brian.. 😀

Brilliant job!

OK, I must be missing something really simple, but when I navigate to this page ( I don’t get the little RSS feed thingy in my browser so I can subscribe to the feed.

What did I miss?

Thanks, BTW, this looks great!

One point is that the rss2.php file is working that’s why u r getting output without the first 4/5 lines as warning or error. I am using this in my forum for phpbbrc4 to phpbb3 gold. Which version of phpbb3 are you using ? plz let me know. i may help you to solve this. I hvave given many times to make it perfect so that it can also help others.

I’m using phpbb3.0.0 Gold


I am using my rss2.php file in phpbbrc4 and then I convert my forum to phpbb3 gold and it’s still working. The main concept of rss2.php file is collect posts and give output as xml format. u can check my one which is working fine

Andertoons link is showing error of session related and Volca’s one is totally messed up.

Ok I have some tips which may work for you that I have done internally in my forum.

Pls edit two files.

go to include folder and find the file named functions.php and go to line numbber or close to line number 3330 or find this line


‘L_ONLINE_EXPLAIN’ => $l_online_time,

now add a new line after the above line

‘U_RSS2’ => append_sid(“{$phpbb_root_path}rss2.$phpEx”),

and save/upload it again to your forum include folder

Now check. 😀

Another tips is if u want to use this link any where in your template files like overall_footer.html located in styles/prosilver/template


Please don’t forget to give me feedback. If it doesn’t work then I have to think again why this is not working :(.

The problem with the download file is the initial /* */ comment block is outside the <?php declaration.

Thank you. Actually it’s not possible to upload the php file in wordpress that’s why I uploaded the doc file but add some comments in it in worng place. 😦
I am sorry for that but my mod is ok if some one exclude the /**/ block. I am updating the file now.
Thank you. I was also confused why this is not working as it;s working fine in my forum. D

not working for me, i am using phpbb3.

i also tried to burn it with feedburner it is giving this error:

The URL you entered does not appear to be a valid feed. We encountered the following problem: Error on line 3: The markup in the document following the root element must be well-formed.

to clarify my problem just go to this link and u will notice what ia m getting;

[…] à grande ajuda do Kinho, que encontrou uma MOD eficiente que habilita feeds RSS no nosso fórum, um dos recursos mais pedidos pelos leitores foi […]

So did anyone figure out why we’re getting the “not valid feed” error?

Please check this link for fix if validation error. I posted it to phpbb forum.

[…] Rss2 feed mod for phpbb3 « Let’s start again… (tags: phpbb forum phpbb3 dev module mod howto reference) […]

I have my forum in

I put rss2.php in this folder but get this error

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘/’ in /home/gavpedz/public_html/supportforum/rss2.php on line 9

Great! Works as advertised. 😉

To all . Mod updated and in modx version. check the main post

I’m sure this mod is cool and would love to get it, unfortunately badongo sucks and wont let me download. hey ho


Thanks for your comment. But past hosted file was working here i.e., I can still download it.
BTW I have uploaded it to in more two server and download links are given.

just check it

Does this work in IE ?


Could you please explain step wise how to install this mod and which files to copy in which folders.

I tried but failed to find where to put that modx.prosilver.en.xsl and install.xml files..


looks nice on my board, can i adjust the feed so only some special forums get displayed. i want to set a feed with only my news forum for all people without any account


Yes it’s possible but u have to change the query code that means you have to give any forum id in query. I will try to give update for custom setting. wait for my next feed back.

awesome job, but I think it is causing my phpBB3 forum in IE browser to sign off automatically every 5 minutes or so, not sure if it’s caused by it.

Any ideas how to fix it? it doesn’t happen when I use FF and other browsers…


Thanks, again for your nice scripts.



Loging out in IE is confusing to me. I didn’t face this yet. Is there any logic for this ?


Yes, it’s confusing to me as well..
I’ve tried viewing the functions.php and common.php many times over the logic but still can’t tell for sure. I don’t think it’s caused by the changes in common.php but it could be in the functions.php where it’s added after the line li_user_online. I’m not sure really, could that be?

IE drives me nuts. I’ve checked another forum it doesn’t have any problem with it, even with IE browser. They use (.xml) file directly as the linking page.

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